Bukkha (ES)

Originally hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Bukkha is a force to be reckoned with. Having taken up guitar and bass from the age of 11, he showed a strong passion and adeptness for music from an early aged.

Drawing on a wide range of influences from the likes of Scientist, Luke Vibert, Madlib & Billie Holiday, it was only a matter of timebefore he tried his hand at production. Within a year of beginning to program his own take on deep and dubbed-out dubstep, his tune “Under” was signed to the aptly named UK-based “ Dubbed Out” imprint, which saw a subsequent vinyl release in 2009, featuring a Radikal Guru remix on the flip side.

Following his debut, he was given the honor of remixing some of the scene’s heavyweights such as Roommate, Radikal Guru and Tuff & Powa among others. During the next years he became a staple of the Gulf Coast’s dub & bass music scene, where he honed his skills as a deejay and gained a strong reputation for his energetic sets. Fast-forward to 2015, when Bukkha decided to make the move across the pond to Valladolid, Spain, where he got right down to business and spent a good portion of the next 3 years in the studio. During this time he went on to release 3 heavyweight EP’s on the well known Moonshine Recordings (including “Ruling Sound” with Junior Dread), plus another 4 on the US-based Dub-Stuy Records - including “Guns N Fiyah“ with Junior Dread and his 2017 anthem “Death Chat” with Killa P ( which still receives heavy rotation from some of the scenes biggest names). Not to mention a slew of other quality releases on esteemed labels such as ZamZam Sounds, Grand Ancestor & 4Weed Records.

In recent years his tunes have been receiving the regular support from a number of big name artists across the bass music scene - from dons of the deep dubstep such as Mala, J:Kenzo & N-Type , to legends of the international sound system circuit such as Channel One Sound System in the UK, King Shiloh in the Netherlands and Dub-Stuy out of Brooklyn, NY. 2019 has started off well for Bukkha , with his debut EP on the infamous Lion Charge Records having just seen a vinyl release, and tours in the works for North, Central & South America, Asia, Australia and all over the Europe.

2021 brings his first LP entitled „...In Roots Vol.1 '' that was released on Moonshine Recordings in September. With this album he provides sound system music in roots dub style with a solid dose of steppers as well. With many talented guests he creates tribute to pioneers of the genre but still stands strong in his musical environment and style that he developed during his career. Bukkha still continues to produce music and perform in various places around the world to spread his energy and music.